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I’m no hipster, HOWEVER, I do like to follow the “trends of the time” when it comes to technology.  Also, I’m a communication junky!  LOVE to write, love to talk and love to conspire about new ideas!

This is exactly why I thought kapchur.us photography could be a little different than some other photographers.

In a discussion today with the ever lovely Rebecca Lovell of GeekWire, I explained that I loved photographing the tech events because I know so many people at the events!  Also, because I connected with the community’s passions in so many different ways.  Beyond that, I understand the business advantages to the organizers who start publishing content and photos of the event ASAP!  It’s for this one reason that I promise at least a handful of images to be published on Facebook within 24 hours of the event.  This keeps your guests engaged in the event and with one another for a few days after it occurs, sometimes even longer!

I always think it’s great to see photos from events after being tagged!  It’s a great way to remind myself who I met and whose name I’ve already forgotten!  But if the photos go online fast enough and folks start tagging it can be a great reminder of who you met AND who you wanted to meet, but didn’t get a chance to.

For those who don’t like to be tagged on Facebook because of various reasons, please remember to take the precautions to prevent that.  Here are some instructions.  Other things to keep in mind, if you see photos appear of you that you don’t approve of, feel free to tell the producer of the photos to remove it from Facebook.  Most will oblige without question.  What if you haven’t set the permissions to prevent you from being tagged, is there a way to remove the tag?  YES!  Go to the photo and under the photo where you see your name as someone tagged in the photo, hover your cursor over your name.  You should see a little box appear above and one option inside that box is “Remove Tag”.  This will remove your identity from the photo and will remove that photo from associating with your profile.

I love being ahead of the curve!  Hope this gives you some ideas for your Facebook photo management.

Just recently a wedding client brought Jeweled Bouquets to my attention.  I’d never seen them, nor heard of them before (such a guy thing to say), but I’m in LOVE!  They are AMAZING!  So, after doing some searching around I found this one site on Etsy that hand makes them (not sure anyone is pumping these babies out of a factory yet)… and it seems to me that they are quite reasonably priced!

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  (Click on the image below for more like it at Noaki Jewelry of Los Angeles, CA)

Such a spectacular piece!

  I’ve decided that we need a hook to kick start the new business!  So, what better way than through cool hard $$$$$?

Although Richard has been shooting events for a few years, he’s just now entering into the complexities and beauty of wedding photography.

Here are the details to the bounty:

If you book your own wedding

  • Once we post the wedding photos to my website for guests to view, if you get 25 comment posts on my site, I’ll give you a thin wrap print of your choice of photo in a size up to 12×24 format (details about these finals at my printer of choice  http://www.bayphoto.com/mounting-finishing/thinwraps.htm)(these usually run close to $100 each with shipping)
  • IF you can get 50 comment posts on my site, I’ll give you a metal print of your choice in the 24×36 format.  These prints are JUST stunning, having the ink infused into the aluminum and very easy to hang/maintain (details about these finals at my printer of choice http://www.bayphoto.com/metalprints/metalprints_single.htm)  (these usually run close to $240 each with shipping)
  • IF you get one referal for another wedding before 12/31/11, I’ll refund you $300 after that wedding. (And I’ll do that for up to three weddings)

If you haven’t booked your wedding with us, but want in on the bounty:

  • One referral for a wedding by 12/31/11, I’ll give you a crisp $100 bill.  And I’ll do this as many as three times in 2011 (after wedding shoot and payment received from client)

“When you’re good to mama, maaaa maaaaa’s good tooooo youuuuu!”

What a great blessing it is to celebrate fathers day at a lake fishing.  Well, I wasn’t with my dad, he lives in Maine whereas I’m here in Seattle.  But this fathers day I spent it with my bf’s family and his dad, Tom.  We had an amazing day ESPECIALLY since there were five Bald Eagles circling all day long and I had the great luck of getting these amazing images!


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