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Product Photography for iDope Customs

Ever wanted an iPhone that was a little different from everyone else’s?  Well, check out iDope Customs!  They offer a HUGE variety of customization options for iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S and SOON will have more parts for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.  Check out these samples I captured recently.

In the samples above you’ll see a red mirrored screen with beautiful mat finish red housing.  And the other is a gold mirrored screen with a mat finish gold housing.  The best of the best!!

Andrew & Marisa – Hitched at Sole Repair

I’m so lucky to have amazing friends.  This couple I’ve known for many many years and was so honored they asked me to photograph their special day.

The day started with the bridal party at the Sorrento Hotel in Seattle.  From there the bridal party took to the city streets at Pike Place Market.  I left the bridal party and from there went to the grooms party at a private rental home in lower Queen Anne where the Goddard clan of Christchurch, New Zealand were living for the past few weeks.  Later on the wedding ceremony was at the Fauntleroy Church and the reception at The Sanctuary at Admiral.

Regent & Megan – Simple Love

Creative and beautiful, a wedding for the ages… of dragons and wizards and fairies and princesses!  A fairy-tale wedding for Jason & Pam

So excited to have started photographing real estate for some amazing real estate agents in the Puget Sound.  Here’s what my service offerings are:

  • 24 hours (or less) turn around
  • Full HDR photography (multiple exposures to compose perfect lighting for every aspect of every image)
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Bulk discounts (give me more than three listings in any given month and receive a 25%  discount on the third and any after for that month)
  • Super friendly and trustworthy service
  • I will help you (the real estate agent) modify any rooms to maximize the appeal of the room for potential buyers
  • Referral credits! Receive a discount on your next shoot when you refer a paying customer to me!

*This amazing property brought to you by Susan Robinet of Coldwell Banker Danforth. Property Address: 1710 SW Barton St, Seattle, WA


Pricing specifics:

  • $200 flat rate for properties under 2000 square feet (usually about 1.5 hours on-site for the shoot)
  • $150/hour for properties over 2000 square feet (minimum 2 hours)
  • $50 referral credit applied to any one single shoot (multiple credits cannot be applied to the same shoot)

Such a beautiful day in a beautiful location with two beautiful families!

The preparations were set for a beautiful day at the Preston Community Center… 

Jonathan Matthews of Kwanchai wedding planner | event design | floral design

Contessa Catering did a lovely job with the food too! Delicious with a wonderful variety for everyone

  Places everyone!  Every hair in place, the perfect dress adorned by the perfect bride, and we’re almost ready!

Bride’s Hair by Scotti Provo

It’s GO time! Elisabeth being walked down the isle by her loving son.  The laughter, the tears… what day could be more perfect?         And then the party starts!  Ever seen a bouquet explode during the toss?  This one did!  And, the all too common mis-fire of the garter belt. Is that the groom playing the role of DJ?  YES! Yes, it is!     Thank you SO much to the beautiful couple, Elisabeth and Brian, for selecting me to help capture your phenomenal day. Your friends and family were such a pleasure to work with, and LOOK what a fine looking group you’ve got!  Congratulations you two!  Enjoy Maui!!

Images copyrighted by Richard Wood of kapchur.us photography. Please request permission to download or use these photographs.

Hello!  Most of the time I basically just post photos of the events and people I photograph, but today I wanted to share a fun experience not ENTIRELY having to do with posting photos.

First off, here are the requirements for building your own Hackintosh:

  1. PATIENCE – it’s not like building a PC… except when it comes to those things called “drivers”. Most of the time with Mac systems we all just plug it in and let it do its thing and never think about “running the machine”.  The common expression of “The Mac just works” is slightly a misnomer for Hackintosh systems.
  2. 75% of a “Real” Mac budget (or less depending on your needs) –  The iMac I replaced was about $3,400 when I bought it.  This machine only has about $2,300, including a high-end graphics monitor. Most people could get away with spending a lot less than I did, but I wanted a powerful machine.
  3. Forum Dedication – if you’re dedicated to operating this Hackintosh you have to be use to and dedicated to living on forums to help you troubleshoot issues that arise.
  4. NO AUTO UPDATE – yes, your system will notify you of OS updates, BUT do NOT update until you’ve thoroughly read everything on the Hackintosh forums about that update and how it might BRICK (read “KILL”) your system. Once you’ve confirmed on the forums that the update will not kill your system, follow THEIR instructions on properly updating. FYI, it might require you to wait a couple weeks while they build new drivers or updates before you can proceed.
  5. No Critical Software until your system is completely stable – I made the mistake of installing Lightroom and moving my library files to my machine on the first three tries.  This was a HUGE time suck and waste since I failed the first couple times to make sure all the bugs were gone.  Then when my system would crash or freeze I would swear a lot and then spend HOURS recovering my files.  BAD mistake.  🙂

When my boyfriend moved in Seattle in December he said he wanted to help me build my own Hackintosh (PC parts running Mac OS X).  At the time I had a perfectly fine, fairly new iMac and was perplexed as to why I would want to get rid of a perfectly good iMac. I wasn’t sure this home-built machine would actually work NOR was I sure what the advantages would be.  The iMac had an Intel i7 3.4gHz processor, 16gb of ram, 3TB Hybrid drive, and lots of other fun goodies.  I had only purchased it in March 2013.

Well, after a month or so I sold the iMac since we only owned one desk and I primarily used my Macbook to process my photographs.  He was upset that I sold the iMac “for him” since he also had a power PC that he had built from scratch, which I decided would make better use of the one desk we did have.

Then, it happened. I decided in March 2014 to leave my cushy corporate finance job and strike out on my own to “focus” solely on my photography business.  (Another long story for another post)

Being that this was going to be my sole source of income I wanted to use all my tools to their fullest extent and decided it was a mistake to sell my iMac.  I started shopping for a new one, even contemplated buying the new Mac Pro (if only I had $5,000 laying around).  Then, I decided that I would take the BF’s advice and attempt to build my own Hackintosh.


There are a number of great websites and forums dedicated to the complex art of building and managing a Hackintosh system. I highly recommend Tonymacx86.com.  They have GREAT posts they create monthly on recommended hardware purchases for each of the various builds of the Mac system.  They also have downloads to help you install the Mac OS on your system for the first time. And they have downloadable tools to make sure all your (or at least most) hardware drivers stay up-to-date.

Problems I ran into:

Upon initial installation (my very first installation of this kind) I had TONS of stupid simple problems because I wasn’t FULLY reading or paying attention to all the various details about the setup of the system from TonyMacX86.com.  In specific there are settings that need to be changed on the motherboard BIOS before you can start.  Also another IMPORTANT issue is that I installed all my memory, but you need to only use one stick of memory until your system is completely up and running.

My first “real” issue came when the update came from Apple for an upgrade from OSx 10.9.2 to OSx 10.9.3.  I hadn’t read all the details about CHECKING THE BLOG before updating the OS.  This update crashed my system because the video drivers were broken for this hardware configuration.  Even after I got the drivers fixed I still had major issues.  I failed… I installed Windows 8.1… this was two weeks into my new system.

After another two weeks I decided to go BACK again to my Hackintosh and tried re-installing.  I was much more careful this time and some of the installers from TonyMacX86.com had been updated.  This time ran for another two weeks before I started tweaking with settings to get stuff running faster… well, I did SOMETHING that, once again, bricked my system.  BACK to Windows 8.1.

After yet another two weeks on Windows 8.1 and researching how much a Mac Pro was going to set me back I decided to give this Hackintosh ONE MORE TRY.  There were yet more software updates available on TonyMacX86 and… I really hated doing all my photo editing on a PC.  Even if I was using the same software, it seemed like the results were slightly different.

So, that’s where I’m currently at!  I’ve been running OSx on my Hackintosh for yet another 3 weeks or so now.  Even upgraded my Wifi card to a new AC model (see below) and have everything running beautifully!  No lockups, no hangs, no random re-boots.  I hit power and she runs!  And she’s fast!  At this moment, I love my Hackintosh!

So, with all that, here is the hardware I’m currently running:

I chose not to install a DVD/Bluray bay because I have an external that works great on USB 3.0

I also chose not to install a Card Reader in any of the bays because I hear that my USB 3.0 model will actually work faster than an internal model if I were to install it.

And my talented BF even airbrushed one of the side panels of my box!

2014-07-16 12.23.08

If you’re going to try this setup, READ READ READ!  Be patient! Don’t install anything critical on your system until you make sure you have all the bugs worked out for your configuration!  Feel free to drop me a comment if you have any questions of concerns.  Would love to help if I can!



  • Donna Read - Great read! Not that I’m planning on doing something that drastic in the near future but if I did …. I know who to call! ReplyCancel

  • Ollesandro Zarutchini - Wow. I am impressed. However, I guess, 25% saving does not cost all of these problems, and especially potential problems in future. 50%, yes, that is a deal 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Francesco Rao - great! can you share which card reader are you using. Just got a trascend usb3 but everyime I plug it in, my hackintosh freezes! Any comment would be appreciated, thanksReplyCancel

What a fun evening! Perched atop the Smith Tower in Pioneer Square (the first actual “sky scraper” west of the Mississippi), these gents celebrated their nuptials and something else that many of us pray to ever celebrate, 25 years of being together!  Isn’t that beautiful!?!  These guys have waited many many years to officially tie the knot and I’m so pleased I could be there to kapchur it for them.

Best of luck in an even LONGER happy future!


I had SUCH an amazing time photographing the #GoGreenSEA put on my GoGreen Conferences and King County at the Washington State Convention Center on April 30. It was great to receive so much immediate feedback from the organizers and to have the conference participants actually seek me out to have their photo taken!  That’s mostly because of one very fun “feature/service” I’ve integrated into my offering, live streaming photography!  Granted, I don’t post ALL of the photos, but I do post a couple per hour.  My camera is WIFI enabled, so I stream the photos to my iPhone, do a quick edit and within minutes of taking key photos I’m uploading them!  It’s REALLY fantastic!  Everyone loves to take photos with their iPhones and Androids to show via social media while their attending events, why not have a “real” camera post some AMAZING photos during the event?  GOOD PLAN! 🙂


Congratulations on your engagement, Elizabeth and Brian!  Very much looking forward to shooting your wedding in July!


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