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Live Posting Your Event Photos

Picture this, you’re hosting an AMAZING event!  Everyone who’s anyone will be there! You’ve created the event #HASHTAG and still NO ONE is posting to the WORLD telling them how amazing it is!  Live posting your event photos might be the best marketing tool yet!

Remedy? You have to give them a reason to want to post and want to follow the #HASHTAG, so upload photos and use that #HASHTAG, show people on your phone what you’ve posted.  They will immediately login and start following to see what other photos are there and what other attendees are saying.  Lots of people these days are expecting to see lots of photos from events documenting their every move and they love it!  As a matter of fact, if they DON’T see a photo of themselves they can get a little cranky!

For me, I take the photos with my dSLR (Canon 5D Mark III with EyeFi Card or Sony A7r with native Wifi), stream the photos to my phone, select a handful to closer review and edit, add my watermark and immediately post to twitter (and sometimes Facebook) with the #HASHTAG.  These are event photos, not portraits, so they won’t require much editing at all!  And even better alternative would be to have a photographer’s assistant wandering with the photographer with a tablet having the photos streamed to the tablet!  This would enable event more photos be posted.  I make this process sound sort of easy because I’ve been doing it for years, but the ordeal of getting all your devices connected, streaming properly and then learning how to do mobile editing…. not to mention having catchy and fun mots (fancy french for “words”) to describe the posting… well those are skills that require a little time to build and sometimes would be called “having a knack for it”.

So, what’s left for after if I’m posting photos during the event?  Rest assured there’s NO way for me to post ALL of the photos I take an any event.  I will generally take 100 photos per hour at most events.  Because of that I’m just very selective to post only the ones I think represent something amazing about that moment in time and try not to be too repetitive with posting the same people or the same theme, trying to keep variety, energy and simplicity at top of mind.  Then, after the event I’ll upload ALL of the full resolution images to my computer, do mass editing for a few hours and will then post or upload them where ever my clients and I have agreed… all within 48 hours of the event finishing (sometimes even faster).

Social Media Photographer Live Posting Your Event Photos

Twitter stream from social media photographer @RL_Wood during the #GoGreenSEA conference

Here are a few events where I’ve live posted event photos:

GoGreen Seattle Conference

Smart Meeting Seattle Conference

2014 Seattle Pride

2014 Conference on Ending Homelessness (COEH2014)

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