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Photographer or Videographer: Who Has Priority?

It might sound odd, but I’ve talked with lots of photographers and videographers who thoroughly believe they are in direct competition for “prime real estate” during a wedding ceremony. It’s also not uncommon for the photographer to not even realize the videographer has been hired until the day of the event.

So, why is there competition? Well, mostly because of interference from one or the other… or both! Either the photographer is in the videographer’s way, or the videographer shows up too often in the photographers shots or perhaps the videographer “stakes out” the best location to record the ceremony. It certainly isn’t about money. After all, still photography and “the talkies” are very different art forms and require very different skill sets to do well.

IMG_1470So, how should the couple handle this common dispute? It would be best for your couple (or at least one of them) to sit down with both the photographer and videographer and describe what they want from each and the expectation that they work together to allow the couple’s vision to come through in the final products. A formal introduction like this prior to the day of the event will give both of your premium service suppliers the chance to work through their territorial issues, coordinate different aspects of the day, work together on the timeline and where each other plans to record. It also is a chance for them to “air” their previous grievances with the other photographers/videographers they’ve worked with in the past and discuss any complications that came out of the suppliers not communicating well.

Another possibility is for the couple to appoint one or the other as “in charge” or as having a higher priority. It could also mean that the wedding planner is appointed the “authority” and coordinator. This would probably cause some hurt feelings, but it all depends on the couple making everyone aware THEY are the buyer and have ultimate control of the day’s events.

All in all, if you’ve hired both a photographer and videographer, do yourself a favor and introduce them. This will ensure they both respect one another and have your final results top of mind at all times.

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