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Fraya Love’s Story – Body Diversity

This is the second installment of the Body Diversity Stories from the models who participated in the Social Outreach Seattle Body Diversity Project.  Meet Fraya Love.

Well to be perfectly honest, just like every other red blooded American, I have body image issues. I was a bit of a husky kid but never really noticed until I hit high school. Even after my mother would set me on a scale at 10 yrs old and ask, “How am I taller, and older yet still lighter than you?” (Yeah that happened quite a few times) but I won’t relish on stories from the dark farm.

In high school I was I little more body conscious however I was a bit more concerned with being called, “FAG!” Than, “Fat.” Not that it happened very often if at all.
After High School I hit the real world (no not the MTV hit show) and stumbled upon the gay community (at this point I had lost a good majority of the weight via dance, musical theatre, and actually participating in P.E.) to learn almost all of them spent the majority if their lives in a gym. Where as I spent mine with friends in a class room or on a stage so I still wasn’t in (what gym bunnies would call) the best shape of my life. Did I care? Hmmm sometimes but that thought was usually locked in the back of my mind. Do I still care that my body isn’t A&F perfect and that I don’t look like some twink? No not really.

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